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Reclaim Your Life 
Midlife is More than Menopause

Mid-life brings a VIVID realization that
the second half of life could be different.


Sometimes this is accompanied by a sense of
that you need to
    shake things up,
    shift priorities,
    carve out time and space in your life
    to find and follow the joy.

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It's time to be in your life and get to know yourself again


Feel seen, heard and supported

Facilitated Sessions

Receive guidance, direction and mentoring


Credible Resources

Become educated, equipped and empowered


Real Life Integration

Develop sustainable wellness practices

This is your one precious life

Meet Dr. Catherine Hansen

When I became a doctor, I took an oath to heal patients to the best of my abilities.

For me, that meant closing my successful OB/GYN practice to better serve patients—mid-life women need more than a yearly 15-minute visit.

In my 20+ years working with midlife women, I have seen they are in search of more than a prescription. Yes, they want to manage their menopause symptoms, but they also need a safe space & supportive community to help them work towards being happy, healthy & fulfilled. 


There is more for you in this lifetime...

Professional women are exhausted and overwhelmed—enough is enough!

Now is the time to take control


Tap into a wellspring of credible resources to cultivate energy and vitality.

Feel your desires and realize your dreams.

It's time to put yourself on the list—if not now, when?


  • Healthy

  • Happy

  • Vital

  • Fulfilled


Live your life on YOUR terms...finally!

I guide busy, ambitious women to be healthy in body, mind, and soul so they live vital and purposeful lives.

Move from exhaustion and overwhelm to energy and optimism (yes, you can!)

Explore your core values and how they guide your decisions

Reconnect to your sense of purpose and use it to make life simpler, less cluttered

Exude radical self-confidence

Be real, authentic and unapologetically YOU

You're not just a body, you're also a mind and a soul—integrate the whole for

a deeply fulfilled life

Understand what's happening to your midlife body, why and what you need to do about it

Deepen marital intimacy and re-ignite passion in your relationship—at any age or stage

Feel great in your body—embrace your inner (and outer) sexy

Own your life!

Be the radiant woman you were meant to be, inside & out.

It's time to put yourself first

Tangible lifestyle changes to re-center, re-align and re-awaken your inner beauty

Manage the madness of menopause 

Unleash your full potential in mid-life and beyond

Live with intention, focus and direction

Stop saying ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no’

Feel the unwavering support of a sisterhood doing life alongside you


Dr.Catherine Hansen's Services


Are you ready to shake things up?

Don't do it alone.

 "Dr. Hansen delivers content that is vitally important
for women to feel their best..."

"Dr. Hansen’s guidance, wisdom, insight, energy and deep caring felt like a journey inward. Awakened by her profound knowledge and passionate engagement of the audience, I am personally transformed.

Life now has deeper meaning, joy, peace and promise.

For this I am deeply grateful."

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