Personalized 1:1 Sessions with Dr.Hansen


>> Highly motivated women looking for renewed health & vitality

>> Women seeking guidance, support and real tools to do life better

>> Women with physical health questions that your doctor hasn’t been able to answer

>> Women who understand that actions generate change & want help creating tangible changes through consistency, structure, credible guidance and loving encouragement

>> Women looking for the next stage of life to be different, better, more balanced and more fulfilling

If this is you, you are not alone.

You are not alone.


This is your ONE precious life, live it fully!


Guidance & support to get you to the next level of your health, well-being and life.

What We Do


>> A deeper understanding of your body & hormones including the ways they impact your health (physically, mentally, and emotionally)

>> Learn about how your body, mind, and soul are changing in mid-life

>> Alleviate memory, fatigue, and sleep issues

>> Develop a personal wellness plan that fits your life (instead of the other way around)

>> Develop self-compassion & authentic self-confidence as a stepping point to your next phase in life

>> Find deeper intimacy in your relationship

>> Take off those extra pounds once and for all (and feel great doing it!)

>> Reclaim the joy in the memory-making moments of your life

>> Get the support you need to integrate your new plan & fully BECOME the healthy, fit, vibrant, and alive woman you are ready to BE!

>> Create space in your life for you and all the dreams you have had on hold... Until now!

“Life has changed forever and, as women, our unique and valuable skills are needed like never before. If you are feeling called to step into life with renewed energy, vitality and focus - there is no better time to work on your health, well-being and leadership – but don’t do it alone – I’m here to help you!”

Dr.Hansen's Personal Note to You:

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In helping women for over 20 years in my gynecology practice and I’ve come to realize that the path out of the fog isn’t a 15 minute clinical visit – there isn’t a prescription or a procedure that will lift you into your best self - it’s a journey that includes your heart & soul.


But it’s more than that – it’s also a structured path & practice that creates a grounded sense of confidence and well-being.


Life is precious and so are you! You will serve your family, your colleagues and yourself at a whole new level when you are ready to invest fully in your OWN wellness.


We all yearn for a life of balance that is centered on health & energized by inner purpose – that life is available to YOU through this carefully developed, personalized program that has worked for so many women.


In just 3 months, we will cultivate a path and practice that will nurture you for years to come as you shine your radiance into the world.

Together we will share:

Email & text access for support & guidance throughout

Private Facebook Community of powerful, motivated women sharing life together


Complimentary 3-month access to the EWC Exclusive Diamond Membership (including weekly group coaching available to augment your personal sessions)

$45 Value

– 90 minute introductory session to get to know each other develop our "big picture" plan

$375 Value

– 60 minute customized & carefully crafted step-wise sessions to steadily elevate your health & well-being, meet personal goals and cultivate you new, balanced routine

$2,000 Value

– Weekly (optional, but highly valuable) homework & reflection exercises

$2,250 Value


April Ranard, Certified Holistic Health Coach

Catherine has helped me in ways I didn’t realize were possible. She really connects on a deep level which inspires and encourages women to a far greater potential that is hidden inside all of us.

Malin LaPlace, Technical Training Analyst

You are the most whole and engaged physician I have ever met. You are very generous and compassionate and I thank you.


Anita Denson, Title

This journey with Dr. Hansen has been so enlightening and truly transformative. Dr. Hansen is a wonderful mentor who has gently guided me back to myself in order to live my life to the fullest.