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Strengthen your Body. Elevate your Mind. Nurture your Soul.


The Empowered Women's Circle

We are an inclusive, cohesive GLOBAL community of women embracing health & vitality in our own lives and we welcome you to join us!

Each time we connect with another woman, we find a piece of ourselves.


Each time we help another woman, we help ourselves.


Each time we extend love to another woman, we deepen the love for ourselves.

As your leader, it is my role to guide and mentor. To create the structure and consistency. To be there for you throughout your process. Hold your hand on our journey. To create space and fertilize the soil so you can germinate, blossom and grow. And, in doing that, so can I.

The Empowered Women’s Circle provides a consistent community to grow and to sustain our tribe between workdays, programs, workshops and courses. A place to return before and after the things of daily life.

The Empowered Women’s Circle is THE continuity that women need to “stay the course” so that life is filled with intention and purpose. 

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