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 The Empowered Women's Circle 

Dr. Hansen's personal invitation:

Welcome to The Empowered Women's Circle, a community that celebrates and honors women for their wholeness, authenticity, brilliance, and beauty. Led by Obstetrician & Gynecologist Dr. Hansen, our circle is an inspiring space for conversations and connections that delve into topics that everyone needs to know but are often left unspoken.

Join us in strengthening your body, calming your mind, soothing your soul, and attuning to your body's wisdom. Your body is the gateway to holistic health, hormone balance, and a wellspring of energy, pleasure, and joy – all sourced from within.

EWC in 2024: 

Honoring the Rhythms and Cycles of Life

Starting January 18, 2024

Join us on Thursday evenings twice/month

6:30pmCT / 7:30pmET

“Discover why now is the perfect time to prioritize yourself and join our community.”  

Why join now? 

  1. Do things differently: Women don't need more tasks; we need a different approach to life.

  2. Focus on what matters most: Empowerment means knowing yourself well enough to prioritize what truly matters and boldly say 'no.'

  3. Your health and happiness matter: Your creativity, innovation, and productivity are all tied to your well-being.

  4. Combat burnout and stress: Take control of your happiness, life satisfaction, and relationship intimacy by addressing burnout and stress-related diseases.

  5. Guidance from a doctor: Dr. Hansen will be there to guide your steps toward health and happiness.

  6. Your personal journey, together: While your story is unique, you don't have to navigate it alone. Join a community of women who lean in, lift up, and love life in all its imperfections.

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Upcoming Events:

Curate Your Year with Renewed Purpose & Inspired Action 

Cozy Winter


Restorative Rituals for Rest & Rejuvenation

January through April

Experience the power of rest and rejuvenation as you root into your values, practice daily wellness, and build resilience. Find clear direction, renewed purpose, and reawakened joy.


Curate Your Year with Renewed Purpose & Inspired Action

Rooting into Values

Daily Wellness Practices

Tuning In - Letting Go - Lifting Up

Building Resilience


Spring & Summer

Coming Home to Your Body

May through August



Indulge in pleasure and the five senses, savoring a summer of sensual experiences. Embrace your body's intelligence as a source of immeasurable joy, harmony, and balance.


Claim Your Space

Pleasure is Power


Your Body has Wisdom

Harmony and Balance



The Power of Harvesting 

September through December

Come together to connect more deeply with yourself, harvest collective wisdom, and share your
abundance and brilliance with the world.
Rest, reflect, release, and recommit to evolved leadership and unleashing your feminine power. 


Rest, Reflect, Release & Recommit

Evolved Leadership

Unleashing your Feminine

Power of Partnership, Community & Belonging

Savor & Celebrate

Join for a reason...

Come for a season...

Stay for a lifetime...

 Our membership is monthly, running 3 Seasons each year and you are free to come and go as you please. There's never any pressure to share or stay.
Our success is measured by the enrichment women find in our
community connections, high-value resources, tangible practices, and embodied experiences

Join us today and experience the transformative power of The Empowered Women's Circle! 

Your Facilitators:

Dr. Catherine Hansen, a board-certified OB/GYN, menopause practitioner, and women-centered coach, joins forces with Lisa Burchartz, a somatic stress release™ practitioner, mindfulness guide, and executive coach. Together, they bring their expertise and experience to help women globally rise to their fullest potential in this one precious life.

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Dr. Catherine Hansen is a board certified OB/GYN & menopause practitioner, coach, facilitator and speaker with over 20 years of experience, guiding midlife women to re-align, re-center, and reclaim their one precious life!

Lisa Burchartz is a Somatic Stress Release™ Practitioner, Mindfulness Guide, and Executive Coach focusing on self-reconnection, nervous system empowerment and burnout recovery. She helps professional women transform their relationship with stress through evidence-based, holistic practices for the body, mind, and heart.


Imagine having a physician, somatic stress release practitioner,

mind-body wellness experts and a sisterhood of women

as your personal support team.

Empowered Women's Circle: Your Gateway to Midlife Renewal and Empowerment

Welcome to the Empowered Women's Circle – a unique and transformative sanctuary where midlife is not just a phase, but an exciting new chapter waiting to be written. This monthly membership is thoughtfully designed for women who are standing at the crossroads of change, seeking not only to embrace their evolving life but to thrive in it with grace, strength, and confidence.

Women are balancing so much right now...

We are the center of our families.

We are working towards or at the height of our professional careers.

We are holding the 'bigness' of what's going on in the world.


Post-pandemic life that has merged work and home in unprecedented ways. These changes make it even more challenging to find balance, positivity and possibility. Yet that is exactly what we are being called to do. 


Not sure how to move forward?

If you're like so many women, you're struggling.

You may be feeling:

  • tired and overwhelmed

  • alone and isolated

  • disconnected from yourself

  • like something is missing

  • unfulfilled despite outward "success"

  • stuck & uncertain about what's next

  • a longing for things to be different

The Empowered Women's Circle is here to help.

You don't have to do it alone

Make this stage of your life full of growth, surrounded by a community of supportive women on a similar journey and guided by experienced, compassionate facilitators.

Why the Empowered Women's Circle?

  • Expert-Led Guidance: Spearheaded by a compassionate and experienced board-certified OB/GYN and menopause practitioner, the Circle offers unparalleled expertise. Here, your journey through midlife is not just understood but celebrated, with guidance that intertwines medical wisdom with life coaching.

  • A Holistic Approach: We believe in nurturing the whole self. From physical health, navigating menopause, to mental and emotional well-being, our approach is integrative and comprehensive. Expect resources and strategies that address your needs holistically.

  • A Community That Cares: At the heart of the Circle is a vibrant community of women, just like you, each with her unique story but united in shared experience. In this supportive and confidential space, forge deep connections and lifelong friendships.

  • Tailored Content and Monthly Themes: Each month unfolds new themes, workshops, and resources, meticulously tailored to the nuances of midlife. From wellness and empowerment to personal growth and lifestyle adaptation, the Circle is an ever-evolving trove of knowledge and inspiration. 

  • 'Find Your Spark' Guarantee: We are so confident in the transformative power of our Circle that we offer a free 30-day trial and know that you will want to remain with us.

The circle is an opportunity to reconnect with yourself,

realign your body & mind, and revitalize your soul.


We host a coaching & learning program with evolving themes that grow with you. 

Each "season" has a personal wellness focus that meets you on your path
—here are a few past seasons we've curated. 

Experience the possibility of...


  • Living with more joy, ease and inner strength

  • Growth and expansion in your life

  • Living purposefully in alignment with your core values

  • A personalized wellness practice that nurtures and replenishes you regularly

  • Resilience, abundance and health wealth

  • Being compassionately held by accountability partners who generously share resources to uplift your health and well-being

  • Standing more confidently in your brilliance, authenticity & power

"The EWC is like a weekly dose of well-being"

—Renee, Quebec

Milisa Burns, former corporate lawyer, with 16 years of coaching & facilitation experience, catalyzes courageous professional women to replenish and reconnect with their purpose so that they can "be the change" they yearn to see in the world.

Enjoy the process of expanding
into a higher version of yourself

Immerse yourself in a psychological safe space
Connect with women on a similar journey
Be uplifted
 by compassionate facilitators
Integrate body, mind & soul practices with ease
Practice living with more authenticity & con
Nurture your greatness
Feel seen & heard 
Be more joy-filled

Be "in" your life

What's Inside the Empowered Women's Circle?

  • Monthly Masterclasses and Workshops: Engage in thought-provoking sessions led by experts, designed to inspire, educate, and empower.

  • Exclusive Webinars and Q&A Sessions: Get your burning questions answered and delve deeper into key midlife topics.

  • Resource Library: Access a curated collection of articles, guides, and tools to support your journey.

  • Member-Only Online Community: Connect, share, and grow with fellow members in a private and supportive online space.

  • Special Guest Speakers: Learn from a diverse range of voices and experts who bring fresh perspectives and insights.

Whether you're navigating the complexities of menopause, seeking to redefine your identity, or simply looking for a community that gets it, the Empowered Women's Circle is where your search ends and your journey to empowerment begins. Join us today and start rewriting your story with vibrancy, purpose, and a network of support that celebrates the powerful woman you are.

Membership Price 2023

Join us & get started!

Register now!
Sessions are facilitated by EWC leaders, occur twice monthly and recorded for convenience.

Your 1st month is free!



*First month free for new members only. There are no refunds on the monthly membership.

Memberships charge automatically to your chosen mode of payment and are billed monthly on your billing date.

There are no prorated memberships. We will always work with you on any billing questions or concerns.

Email us at

As an EWC member, the sessions are like going to a club to meet your high-functioning friends who are ready to help me hold myself accountable to the actions and practices that will make me the best version of myself."

-Rose, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the EWC Membership structured? 

The EWC membership is divided into 4 month blocks called Seasons...

What is included in my EWC Membership? 

The EWC membership is a combination of...

Who should join this Membership? 

The EWC membership is for a woman approaching or experiencing midlife who...

What's expected of members? 

We encourage EWC members to show up—make the commitment to attend as many live sessions as possible.

What can I expect from the EWC coaches & facilitators? 

Catherine and Lisa are dedicated to supporting your journey and will communicate openly and honestly with you.

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