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Your Free Menopause Mini-Series

Dr. Catherine Hansen delivers you this menopause video series as the first step to gaining clarity around what is happening to your body during menopause. Learn about what's happening biologically in your body, common symptoms, when to seek help when those symptoms are impacting your daily life, and the options available to you.

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Watch the video mini-series

Get an overview of the menopause basics—common symptoms, how to get diagnosed, what to do when symptoms interfere with daily life, and hormone & non-hormone options to manage this phase in life. 


Get the eBook

Honest, transparent, “frank”, evidence-based, scientifically-verified answers about menopause. You won’t get this from many healthcare providers because they don’t have time to discuss it with you—Dr. Catherine Hansen makes the time!

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Take the Workshop

For women who seek safe, science-backed answers, this online workshop created by Dr. Hansen is a compassionate space for women to turn to for clarity, support and trustworthy guidance at this important stage of life. In 5 weeks, you will go from feeling confused about mid-life, to confident, excited and educated about how to make the next phase of life full of joy and hope!


Get 1:1 Coaching

Dr. Hansen provides 1:1 coaching for women who need personal guidance and support during this precious life transition. Dr. Hansen will help you take control and live the 2nd half of your life with purpose.