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Welcome to

Rediscover Intimacy

It's time to re-ignite the spark
and rekindle the passion
in your relationship

Re-ignite the passion and revive your relationship
Own your power in your life & relationship
Learn what motivates your partner and why
Reconnect on ALL levels
Have the sex you've been craving
Find your authentic self-confidence
Re-ignite the spark & rekindle the passion

Does your relationship need CPR?

“I just want to, ‘WANT TO’, again.”
“I would do ANYTHING to not have to have sex with him, I’m so tired.”
“It’s just the last thing on my list, another thing ‘to-do’ at the end of a long day.”

Almost half the female population experiences these quiet concerns & most think they’re alone...
You are not alone!

If you are feeling...

You have come to the right place—Dr. Hansen is here to help!

It’s time to re-prioritize your relationship and reconnect with your partner so you live a life full of passion, confidence and deep intimacy.

Declare the importance of your relationship and actually DO something about it.

It’s what you yearn for, it’s what he craves and it’s ground zero for a purposeful life

You’re not crazy, it’s your biology

There are 5 stages of relationships, which one are you in?

Start Rediscover Intimacy RIGHT NOW to reconnect with your sensuality

What emotion runs under the surface of every argument you’ve ever had and why HE feels that way

Is there a female viagra? (hint: yes but you don’t need it)

Your intimate relationship and the ways you “tap in” with him at home will ripple into all aspects of your life

It's time to nurture this love so it can be a well spring of creativity and joy!
You deserve a relationship full of passion & connection

What To Expect

In five weeks, you will go from feeling disconnected from your partner and lost in your relationship to confident and sexy in a revived relationship full of hope, love, laughter and passion.
Week 1: Rediscover YOU
Week 2: Rediscover (or uncover) him
Week 3: Conquer or Submit
Week 4: Sex & Sustainability
Week 5: A Legacy of Love

Are you on a quest to find your inner sexy?

Dr. Hansen shares openly the stories of women who walk into the office feeling broken and leave with an illumed awareness that lights the path to a deeply loving marital bond.

Utilizing transparency and humor about her own marriage to an astronaut...

She explores the male brain, the relationship dynamic, couple communication and the truly sexy stuff that opens the door for couples to re-ignite their passion.

About The Workshop

Dr. Hansen shares openly the stories of women who walk into her office feeling broken and leave with an illumed awareness that lights the path to a deeply loving marital bond.

The Reclaim Your Life workshop is a 5 week program—online learning modules are released sequentially and students can work at their own pace to integrate the life-changing content. Dr. Catherine Hansen has curated a different focus each week to make sure all areas of your intimate partner relationship are covered. Additional resources, such as eBooks and 1:1 focused sessions are available.

Dr. Hansen is on a quest to help women find their inner sexy.

Seduce his body, mind and soul.

Find your authentic confidence and own your sexy.

Re-ignite the spark and rekindle the passion—it's never too late.

Sound like what you've been looking for?

"For me, Rediscovering Intimacy really is the key! I’ve finished all the modules now, and I’m filled with the desire to have a fuller relationship with my husband." -K.S.
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