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Meaningful Menopause

Get the answers you deserve—finally!
Find meaning in mid-life.
Live your purpose.

The best years of your life are just up ahead
What is menopause?
And what is NOT menopause.
Which symptoms indicate serious problems ahead?
Do you feel alone?
You're not!
There are 6000 women entering menopause DAILY in the U.S.
Gain hope & optimism.
A proven path & practice for a thriving, purposeful life.

Mid-life can be confusing.

Stuff is happening to your body, brain and relationships.

You may find yourself more self-aware and awake to your life.

You are starting to feel the passage of time.

You realize it’s time to shake it up!

It’s time to re-prioritize the things that matter most.

Women are reaching full potential professionally.

But, even though you’re ready for more - your body and brain may be holding you back – experiencing exhaustion, weight gain or insomnia.

Is it your hormones or is it something else?

Many healthcare providers can’t answer your questions.

That’s why I created Meaningful Menopause

Clear and concise answers.

A packaged program that meets you where you are.

Stop feeling confused and start feeling better!

Truly, the best years are ahead of you!

This is your one precious life!
This is your one precious life—it’s time to live if fully!

What To Expect

In five weeks, you will go from feeling confused about mid-life, to confident, excited and educated about how to reclaim your time, your health and your hormones.
Week 1: The madness of menopause
Week 2: Managing the madness
Week 3: Integrative approaches and dangers to avoid
Week 4: Sex, sex drive and staying sexy
Week 5: The meaning and magic of menopause

With fresh practices, new skills and renewed self-confidence, the next phase of your life promises to be more personally fulfilling and purposeful.

Menopause is not a dirty word.

Sometimes women feel like they are going “mad.”

Your body betrays you, hormones rage and wrinkles appear.

Together, we disrupt the old dialogue.

Through intimate patient stories & humor, the raw truth about what is happening to your body is uncovered.

It’s time to reveal your radiance.

It’s time to embrace your power.

It’s time to live fully YOU!

About The Workshop

If you are experiencing hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, decreased sex drive, vaginal dryness or sex related pain—you are not alone!

You are among the 6000 American women who are entering menopause daily.

The Meaningful Meaningful workshop is a 5 week program—online learning modules released in bite-size pieces. Listen while you jog, walk the dog or drive to work.

Dr. Catherine Hansen has curated a different focus each week to make sure all your mid-life questions are answered - truthfully and with action-oriented solutions.

This is a confusing space.

Get the answers you deserve from a gynecologist who has heard (and experienced) it all

Cut through the commercialism and find real solutions

Get back to feeling healthy, fit, vibrant and alive.

This is your one precious life - it’s time to live if fully!

Sound like what you've been looking for?

"My opinion is that this course can help you get to the heart of the matter—now I am 25 pounds lighter, my relationship is thriving and I enjoy the solitude of walking and listening to the birds to clear my head. Meaningful Menopause was great fun!" -K.S.