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Welcome to

Reclaim Your Life

A doctor's guide to health & vitality:
5 weeks to Own your time,
Regain your energy &
Be intentional about your personal well-being

It's time to make yourself a priority
Create a personal daily wellness routine that fits you life
Feel confident, worthy and authentic in all your roles
Realign with your core values
Set intentions, dream big and really make it happen
Find balance, peace and joy by including yourself in every decision & action
Make intentions and see them through by knowing yourself and focusing on what really matters
Thrive whole heartedly thriving in body, mind and soul

Do you feel like life is passing you by?

I've treated countless women in the office who feel exhausted, lost and alone and are

looking for a way to feel on-purpoe, re-energized and more present in their lives

—you can't find this during a 15 minute doctor's visit.

But you can find it...

Write your new story

Re-prioritize the things that matter most.

Start living aligned with passion, purpose and inner values.

Learn powerful practices to build self-worth, self-confidence & self-responsibility.

It's time to reclaim your life!

A doctor's guide to health, vitality and ways to finally own your time

If the wellness space is confusing for you, you are not alone.

I’ve been working with mid-life professional women for 2 decades

In a short office visit, I’ve had difficulty sharing the accurate health guidance that they need to fully thrive

That's why I created Reclaim Your Life

To guide women with the truth –

The truth is that your health is in your hands!

This sequence teaches proven lifestyle advice that the U.S. surgeon general has confirmed, may add quality years to your life

You will find habits and practices that provide the foundation - and ways to mold them so they are unique to you

While the basic principles remain the same - grounded in the science of health and well-being –

Only you know what fits your schedule and your life

The course was curated from years of working with women and learning the questions they ask, the fears they carry and the ways their body has been holding them back

Over 5 weeks, I’ve distilled down the basics and offered the information as if we were sitting together in the office (only I have much more time)

My hope is that Reclaim Your Life provides the support & guidance you need to see the results you KNOW are possible and help you make the most of your one precious life

It is not a quick fix, it is a fulsome conversation about how to live your best life through an integrated approach for a healthy body, mind and soul

In this program, you are never alone, I am only an email away and ready to take your personal program as deep as you desire
Make the most of your one precious life!

What To Expect

In five weeks, you will go from feeling lost and 'last on your to-do list' to confident, worthy and excited about making yourself a priority.
Week 1: Rediscover you
Week 2: Renew you
Week 3: A new you
Week 4: Making in personal
Week 5: A blueprint for your life

Women are missing the memory-making moments of their life in pursuit of the perfect body, flawless skin and elaborate material things

I see women search unceasingly for answers externally

Anything for a quick fix to feel better, look younger and grasp for happiness at all costs

By embracing the truth of what it takes to be physically healthy
and soulfully happy in today’s chaotic world,
women become empowered to return to the core of their authentic personality,
own their truth
and, above all, remember the power they hold in their own life

About The Workshop

Finally, I am bringing this whole-hearted wellness course to YOU in this intimate, personal context so that you, too, can benefit! It's going to be life-changing.

The Reclaim Your Life workshop is a 5 week program—online learning modules are released once a week to ensure students have the time & space to invest in the life-changing content. Dr. Catherine Hansen has curated a different focus each week to make sure all areas of wellness (body, mind and soul) are covered. Additional resources, such as eBooks and 1:1 focused sessions are available.

Build a personal wellness program that becomes the most beautiful version of life you can imagine and lay a foundation for your growth, anywhere, anytime.

Focus on whole-hearted wellness—you're not just a body, you're a mind and soul too.

Physical health is foundational.

Experience the ways that food can feed your soul and exercise will stimulate your mind.

Learn soul-nurturing ways to release stress and get restorative sleep.

Achieve specific personal and professional goals.

Build self-worth, self-confidence & self-responsibility.

Be authentically you, including your wholeness, in everything you do.

Sound like what you've been looking for?

“Dr. Hansen’s guidance, wisdom, insight, energy and deep caring felt like a journey inward. Awakened by her profound knowledge and passionate engagement of the audience, I am personally transformed. Life now has deeper meaning, joy, peace and promise. For this I am deeply grateful.” - A.D.
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