A Doctor's Guide to Health and Vitality for the Awakening Woman

 Women are missing the memory-making moments of their life in pursuit of the perfect body, flawless skin and elaborate material things. Dr. Hansen sees women search unceasingly for answers externally; anything for a quick fix to feel better, look younger and grasp for happiness at all costs. Embracing the truth of what it takes to be physically healthy and soulfully happy in today’s chaotic world, women return to the heart of their multiple roles as a powerful deity in their own life. 

Our Mission

"Dr. Hansen’s guidance, wisdom, insight, energy and deep caring felt like a journey inward. Awakened by her profound knowledge and passionate engagement of the audience, I am personally transformed. Life now has deeper meaning, joy, peace and promise. For this I am deeply grateful.” 


Our Vision

 If you are ready to be whole-heartedly well in body, mind and soul -  and you have some specific personal or professional goals in mind (or you'd like to start some new routines), the structure & support of this program have PROVEN results for so many women.
Finally, I am bringing it to YOU in this intimate, personal context so that you, too, can benefit! 
It's going to be life-changing.