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A Special Fall Season with The Empowered Women's Circle

When I still worked at my full-time academic practice 7 years ago,I left the office each day wanting to give more. And more. And more to these women who were asking for honest ways to feel more fully present in their lives that seemed to be slipping away amid work pressure, divided marriages, family chaos and laundry loads. This was impossible to do during a 15 minute clinical visit.

To open more space in my life for these conversations, The Empowered Women’s Circle (EWC) was founded in 2017 and continues, to this day, providing guidance, mentoring and real support for women.

Each season, we endeavor to bring something fresh and new and, over time, we’ve had some incredible speakers, co-facilitators and leaders.

However, this time, we are bringing something that has never been done before, in all of our 7 years!!

Have you noticed that people are becoming more willing to touch on vulnerability?

Have you noticed that you are not alone in your day to day, real life, challenges and breakdowns? (like how to do ALL the things you do while keeping yourself on the list)

The global pandemic left us all forever-changed. Some of those changes were adaptive and positive but some would be considered traumatic. And it’s not until we acknowledge and process those traumas that we can fully heal. And this is not something we can do alone.

It is for this reason that EWC will bring a diverse line up of women with different life experiences, different professional spheres and very different perspectives on what it takes to be a woman in today’s turbulent world. They will bring you tangible tools to be in the world with greater confidence, resilience, strength and self-love.

These are the best of times - let’s live them together


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