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It's time to hit the pause button

I've spoken about the importance of slowing down various times before—approximately 3/4 of Americans leave 7+ days of unused vacation time due to fear. You can read more about those fears in this blog.

Stress is linked to almost every chronic health condition including weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer, so it's crucial that you take a break, rest and spend time with loved ones.

Time is a waning resource, don’t squander it.

This holiday season is the time to hit the pause button on your life. Find a way to look ahead and schedule a vacation.

A real vacation.

The type of vacation that allows your mind to turn off, your body to rest and your family to know you again. Get out of the office and into a state of calm. Leave your work on your desk, turn off your devices, handover to your colleagues and don’t look back.

Disappear from work for an entire week.

  • Research proves that taking time to enjoy life opens up the creative process.

  • It reduces the fight or flight response that wrecks havoc on every organ in the body.

  • Areas of your brain that have been shut down and functioning in survival-mode are uncluttered and new perspective emerges.

  • New solutions to old problems appear out of thin air and the heaviness of life is lifted.

  • You will return to work renewed, refreshed and ready to conquer your projects with energy and enthusiasm you forgot you had!

This is the perfect season to schedule time off, but if you can’t make it happen before; you have another 6 months to solidify a vacation on your calendar before summer!

Do it for you. Do it for your family. Most of all do it for the rest of us to cultivate a new culture in the workplace that prioritizes time away. Open the door to develop an atmosphere that deeply values bonded family relationships.

Instead of complaining about how exhausted and disconnected you are, it’s time to take back what is rightfully yours and share it with the people you love.

Take back your time.

In The Empowered Women's Circle, I guide women to prioritize reclaiming their time & health through daily wellness practices that fit their busy lifestyles. A vibrant life is possible for you—learn more here.


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