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The pleasure of our 5 senses

From a young age, I’ve been fascinated by the question, “who am I inside this body?”

Yet, as the years have progressed and I’ve gained wisdom, maturity and life experience, I’ve shifted that question to “what can I DO with this amazing, miraculous female body to bring me bliss?”

The entirety of our human experience is lived through our body’s interface with the world around us. (That’s a deep statement so read it again).

We are a compilation of sensations. We are taste, smell, see, hear and touch translated into brain impulses that become meaning. Just wow!

And before I threaten to take us deep into neurophysiology, let’s just revel in what that means.

We, as women, can experience pleasure, peace, joy, orgasm and any array of sensual experiences, whenever and wherever we want (with some societal stipulations, of course, but even those are open to interpretation).

It’s also quite remarkable that a sensation, any sensation (say a smell or a flavor) can be interpreted entirely differently for people, based purely on previous personal life experiences.

I know people who find roses (try to smell them right now) too flower-y and intense. However, when I imagine that essence, I’m transported to my Nana’s bright yellow bathroom as we do our nighttime routine and I get to use her expensive cleansing milk.

I love curry – the taste, the smell, the way it makes me feel when I cook it, eat it and enjoy the aroma for days in my home. I feel warm, cozy and strangely connected across international borders.

There are as many examples as there are people and language cannot capture the vastness of these sensual experiences.

Our bodies can.

Join us for…

Empowered Women’s Circle Community Experience Spring Rituals of Replenishment

Thursday April 28, 2022 @6:30pmCT/7:30pmET

Explore pleasure & the five senses

as a way to open up, connect with the pulse of life,

and exhale into a sensual summer. Get your complimentary ticket and invite a friend!


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